Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sister Time

Enjoying God's great outdoors this Fall on
a Sunday afternoon walk with my sister

November, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girl Gab

Tonight was the first night for our new group 'Girl Gab'. I recently decided that I wasn't getting nearly enough friend time during the week so I sent out some did mom, since we decided this would be a group for women of all ages.......and waited to see what kind of response I would get. And I must say that for the first night we had a great time! Plans were made for future Thursday nights, and I was able to reconnect with friends that I haven't seen in years! Literally!

I also enjoyed the time with my sister. Now, I know I see her quite a bit through the week, but ( as much as I love and adore my niece and nephews ) it was nice to sit and have some conversations with her without a little voice interrupting :-)

We read through Philippians tonight and had a great discussion afterwards. Melted chocolate squished between pretzels was on our menu for this evenings snack (since we all decided that chocolate is a MUST have for these gatherings) and we split into teams and played that game with raw spaghetti and gum drops. For those of you who have never played I think the picture below explains it all :-) Our team won by one inch, with a whopping 27 inch tower!

Looking forward to our next meeting!

The Champions

(L-R) Heidi Redmond, Mary Heath, and Me

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life

The first week of my new job has been amazing! I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but I love my job! Since there is so much to learn about working in a doctor's office they are training me on one thing at a time and giving me several days to catch on before they show me anything else. So all this week I've been working in the intake room. The first two days I was being trained by a co-worker, and the next two they gave me charge of the room by myself :-)

The intake room is where you call the patient back and get their vitals , talk to the parent/guardian about the reason for the visit, and answer any of their questions. If you feel it necessary you also order any flu or strep tests to be done in the lab. You also keep track of which rooms are empty and show the patients to their room to wait for the doctor.

The best part of working in the intake room is that you get one-on-one contact with all the patients......get to hold the 2 days old babies and everything :-)

The hardest part, however, is when you get a patient form and realize that you can't pronounce the name! Or, like what happened yesterday, you get a name like Geronimo and feel like if you go to the waiting room and yell 'Geronimo'! everybody is going to get up and run away :-) Or you get sister's named Ackinzie and Danae and accidentally call for McKenzie and Renae! Oh well.

I had to stay home sick today. My co-workers told me that I would most likely get sick within the first two weeks of working there, and they were right. A little boy was afraid of my temporal thermometer on Tuesday so I bent down to his level so I wasn't so intimidating and he coughed right in my face.....they said eventually my immune system will be strong enough to deal with it.

I'm also learning to be a 'holder'.....which put simply, is someone who helps hold the child down while getting a shot.

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for me. If my first week there is evidence of how all my time working there will go, then I don't see why I won't be there for years :-)

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Baaaaackkkk

After a long absence from blogging, I'm back. I haven't been feeling the greatest for the past few months, and blogging has been at the bottom of my 'motivation-to-do' list. So I thought I'd do a picture post and just start where I left off in August.
I'm starting a new job on Monday, so I'm going to try my hardest to keep up at blogging during my first few stressful weeks. While I was taking some time off from work due to medical issues, I got a call from a pediatricians office that I had sent my resume to waaaaay back in August. I had been praying for a job in a pediatricians office, so I was thrilled when they called and asked me to start November 2nd!
Other than that, most of whats been happening is laid out in the pictures below.......

After finishing my CNA classes this summer ( and receiving my license/certificate ) my family had a party for me. We had it at a local restaurant, with just a small group of family and friends

L-R: Wray; Cosette; Jaime; Noah; Joel; and Eli, waiting on dinner to be served at my party.

L-R: Sarah; Jenny; Adam; Bito; Dad; Me; and Uncle Chris.....also waiting on dinner :-)

This is my Grandfather, demonstrating to party guest how 'Kristin baby' crawled. This has become a tradition of sorts at any event that happens to be in my honor........I do believe that other restaurant customers were quite amused.

This September one of my Mom's childhood friends brought her family to visit and spend the day with us. It was the first time for some of us to meet, and it was cool to finally meet the friend that I had heard so many stories about. This is Cosette with Sarah, one of the younger children in the family.

It was such a nice day that we spent most of it in the yard enjoying the sunshine!

In the beginning of October, my Mom and I took a trip to visit Ken Ham's Creation Museum. We had a two day pass, so we spent a few days on the trip and were happy with our hotel room and a King size bed :-) Traveling from our house to the Museum, we were in 6 states in only 6 new personal record

Some of the displays were so life-like! If you ever plan on going to CM, I definitely encourage you to buy a two day pass, as there is sooo much to see and read.

The Gardens located behind the Museum were beautiful. We went at the time of year when it was starting to get a little chilly out, but it wasn't so cold that we couldn't enjoy walking around.

On our way back to the hotel after our first day at the museum, Mom spotted a cloud in the sky that looked strangely like a dinosaur head! Maybe it was just because we had them on our mind after being at the CM all day, but I think sometimes God likes to let you know he's watching what your doing :-)

Noah absolutely loves to ride on the 4-wheeler. This was his first time riding, and he just stuck his thumb in his mouth and sat there, as if all was right with the world now. Each time Wray would pass the porch where we were all sitting, Noah would laugh and wave as if to say, "Look at me!"

This is Cosette and I watching The Swiss Family Robinson. Although she enjoyed the time at our house, she admitted later that this was not her favorite movie.....The next picture explains why..........

......There were some 'slightly scary for a 4-year-old' Cosette was glad to have a blanket to cover her eyes....

Well, that's all for now! You've been updated on my summer, and I'll try better to keep you updated a little more often.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

*Bounty, the quilted, the mess inside my washer...

The Day: Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The Time: 1500 hours

The Scenario: I'm really dumb! Ok, so this is what happened....

We had company coming to our house Thursday evening so I was straightening up the house a little. I got a new roll of paper towels out of the cupboard and the Windex off the laundry room shelf....and then noticed that my laundry basket was about to over flow. So I sat my supplies on top of the dryer and threw in a load of laundry real quick and went back to my prior task, which was Windexing the bathroom mirror.

Hmmmm I thought when I turned around and didn't see a roll of paper towels sitting next to the windex on top of the dryer.

I know I got out a roll of paper towels. Oh well, I'm in a hurry and don't have time to figure out what I did with them. I'll just get a new roll out.

So, after our company left that night, I went back to the laundry room to retrieve my black capris from the washer...the pair I planned to wear to my job interview the next morning.

I open the washer lid.....

I stare......

I stare a little longer.....

I rub my eyes.....

What in the WORLD!

I could not see the clothes in the bottom of the washer due to a thick layer of this white-ish brown stuff. It was way to much to be a tissue that I had simply left in my pocket. I dive my hand to the bottom, and pull out a shirt that was covered...and I mean white fuzz...lint....stuff. It's almost midnight and I'm way to tired too figure out this white-ish brown mystery, so I close the washer lid and head to bed.

The next morning mom inquires if I know what happened in the washer. So I told her what happened and cleaned out the washer. I threw the clothes in the dryer hoping that the lintish looking stuff will fluff off a little; it didn't, so I re-washed the clothes.

You know those brown paper sacks that you get at the grocery store? Well, with all the lintish stuff that I got out of the washer and dryer lint trap, I filled one of the bags almost half way full! It blew the vent cover off the side of the house and this white-ish lint stuff was in our back yard!

Mom and I spent the remainder of the day trying to figure out what had happened.

And then it hit me!

That roll of paper towels...the one that I had been too busy to look for.....had some how been knocked into the washer and washed with my laundry! I have no idea how this happened, and most of all how I didn't notice!

The Lesson Learned: Bounty is not only quick at cleaning up messes.....its also really good at MAKING messes

The Quilted Quicker Picker Up-er


Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Finish Line

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race ---2 Timothy 4:7

All the tests have been completed, all the forms have been signed, all the class work has been completed. I thought it would take forever, but in what seems like the blink of an eye the summer is almost gone and all the classes are over.

Now, its time to get to work :-]